Special Notice
Covenant Presbyterian Church has decided to suspend all "in person" services until further notice . We will continue to keep a close watch on what transpires over the next few weeks and reevaluate as more information becomes available.
There will be an abbreviated Sunday morning service at 11:00 AM through the FaceBook page - Covenant Presbyterian Church
Now available Sermon By Phone Call 1-800-205-0682 to hear our latest sermon
During this time use the button below to make donations.
Please join Pastor John on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11:00 for Mediations with God live on Facebook.

A Daily Devotion

Please enjoy prerecorded services on
Covenant Presbyterian Church Rock Hill

A loving congregation responding in a challenging time

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, members and friends of Covenant are donating individually wrapped items and fruit to make snack Blessing Bags. Special thanks to Sawyer's Produce for assisting us in providing fruit. These bags are being delivered to essential workers including medical, pharmacies, public works, etc.

Currently over 450+ bags have been delivered to:

PMC nurses

York County Dept. of Public Safety (911)

CVS Heckle Blvd.

Novant Rock Hill Family Medicine

Rock Hill PD

York County Sheriff Dept.

Rock Hill Fire Dept. Station #3 and #5

EMS Main

Newport Fire Dept. and EMS Station #14

York City Fire Dept.

York City PD

York County Convenience Centers

Walgreens Celanese Rd

North Central Family Medical Center


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