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Our History

A Brief History of Covenant Presbyterian Church

Rock Hill, South Carolina


In 1949 Northminster Church, located on John Street, was organized with approximately 72 charter members. On March 4, 1955, Covenant Chapel was organized and chartered as a church of 55 members in February of 1957.


Following the lead of Bethel Presbytery and the recommendations of a General Assembly Office survey team commissioned by the presbytery, Northminster and Covenant agreed to merge, effective October 17, 1965, and become one strong church instead of two small churches on the north side of Rock Hill. The new congregation retained the name and the location of the Covenant church at the corner of Celanese and Mt. Gallant roads. The merger service chartering the new church was held on a Sunday evening at Bethelwoods. Such a merger required both former congregations to grow and change to accommodate the new congregations, and to let go of the cherished old identities to embrace the new.


There was an immediate need for a larger sanctuary so a building program was begun. The Northminster property was sold, and the proceeds applied toward the building fund. The present sanctuary was opened for worship on January 1. 1970 and dedicated to the glory of God on March 1, 1970. The former sanctuary was remodeled by church members to become four classrooms and a library. Many improvements were made to the grounds and parking areas. All during the time since the merger, the members of the “new” Covenant were being knit closer together, and the grace and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was very evident.


A decade of growth and change marked the need for a new fellowship hall and additional education space. In 1982 a new building campaign was begun, and in 1983 the current Fellowship Hall building was opened for use. The opening included the hall, the kitchen, and a large conference room. Four additional classrooms were finished and furnished later to complete the structure. Additional parking was added at this time.


In 1989 a project of renovation of the old sanctuary building was undertaken, utilizing the skills and efforts of church members to perform the work. The renovation was dedicated in 1996, with the completion and furnishing of a parlor, three classrooms and a library. The building was renamed as the Cornerstone Building. Also in 1996 property on Celanese Road was purchased for future needs.

A new Tower Room entranceway facing Celanese Road was completed in 2004. Begun in 2003, the attractive focal point connects the Cornerstone Building with the sanctuary and provides a spacious reception area for members and guests.


In 2005, as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the merged churches, we recognize the more that fifty years of combined witness and work of Covenant and its antecedent congregations that have yielded a rich harvest of faith and renewal, of discipleship and service in the name of Jesus Christ.


In 2008, we sold the beauty shop property, paid off our mortgage and we are debt free at this time.


Through births and deaths, the raising of families, through many joyful welcomes and wistful goodbyes, through many triumphs and trials, Covenant’s members remain an extended family in the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who has said to us all,



                                    “FOLLOW ME.”

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