In-Person Worship at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Rock Hill.


God expects us to be good stewards of His creation, which includes ourselves. If anyone has compromised immune systems, or anxiety for their health in any way, they should take their stewardship seriously and remain at home. Just because the church doors are open does not mean you are obligated to attend. The current Facebook Live Sunday service will continue, as well as the virtual devotions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Before Arriving:

  • Anyone who does not feel well, has a cough/cold or is running any fever must stay at home.

  • If anyone has had contact with COVID, they should quarantine themselves from the community (including the congregation) for at least 14 days.

  • Rosalyn and choir volunteers are coming into the sanctuary once a month to record the hymns for the following month. There will be no live music or singing.

  • The regular cleaning crew will restart their service on bi-weekly schedule, beginning in time for the October 11th opening.

  • Sunday School will be suspended for the time being.

  • Please print the Sunday Service bulletin that is emailed on Thursdays and bring it with you for use at the in-person service.


When You Arrive at The Church for Worship

  • Strict social distancing will be adhered to: minimum six feet between people/couples/families.

    • White labels have been placed on pews to designate seating. Every other pew will remain empty and be taped off.

    • People will be directed to their seat(s) by a greeter and seats will be filled starting at the front of the sanctuary and working back.

    • Greeters will direct those at the back to leave first and work their way forwards to keep safe distance as much as possible.

  • All who attend an in-person worship service will have to wear a mask from the time they enter the church building until they leave.

  • The greeters will track attendance in order to be able to give information to the Health Department if a member of the congregation contracts COVID.

  • People will need to call or email the church office to reserve seating.

    • Reservations will be logged by the church office on a first come basis. We can safely seat 40 people in the sanctuary and 24 in the Fellowship Hall. The service will be streamed on the TV screen in the Fellowship Hall.

  • Greeters will stand at a safe social distance in the parking lot or sanctuary and check off the names of attendees from the emails received by the church office.

  • The Children’s Sunday Worship will be suspended, the children will be seated with their parents/guardians.

  • Music and hymns are pre-recorded and played back during the service. Attendees will be reminded that they are not to join the singing.

  • Passing of the peace, will be done in situ: people can wave their greetings from their places in the pew.

  • The Lord’s Supper will be single-serve, self-contained units of the elements that have been packaged in the factory. People can pick them up as they come through the narthex.

  • The offertory plates/baskets will be placed at the exits of the sanctuary and people will be reminded after the benediction to place their tithes in the containers as they leave.


After You Leave The Church

  • Volunteers will help sanitize the trafficked areas after each service.

  • If a group has a meeting inside the church buildings, they will be responsible for sanitizing the areas used.

  • Attendees of in-person worship service agree to have their information provided to the Health Department should they contract COVID.


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